Maiden Message

Maiden Message

Ah, the breath of angels as they, along with me, take a collective sigh of relief. It is always a bit scary to stand on the edge and not know what will be there for you after you leap. However, leaping is what they have asked me to do. And whenever they have asked me to do something they have always been there to give me wings. So today, we fly.

Ah, beauty and gentle winds of change are coming to you our little ones. We so wish to lift you up and support you on your journey. We come by ones, we come by many(s),  in abundance we come. You do not have to see us or feel us to know in your soul that we are there. We are here for you today and everyday. So do not be afraid loves. Be of love loves.

They wish for you to know that you will find that as they reveal truths to you, to us, that they may not make sense today. You may find that they will later as you reread them or find them randomly at your leisure. Enjoy them, savor them, know it is meant for you. Yes, dear one for you. If you are reading this they are speaking to you.

With Love,



One thought on “Maiden Message

  1. Hey Juju!

    I am happy for you and wish you the best with it.

    “You are chosen to sing and dance with the angels!” Rock on!

    Blessings, hugs, love, and many smiles,

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