From the angels:

A reflection, a distraction, do you really need to see to believe? Do you have to know to do? Or could you really just trust and operate purely on faith? What if you really did need blind faith? What new skills and instincts would you need to develop? Where would you need to roam to find your tools? How many new roads and paths would you travel until you find your way? How many hours of study would you give; devote all of your time to learning the new terrain? Or would it just consume your life like when you were a child and you did not even notice that you spent an entire day learning how to talk or walk or clap your hands. When all the world was new.

Now you think you know it all and just how you are to spend your days… doing what you know. But now you know nothing of this strange new ways you must start fresh and learn again how to do the simplest of tasks.

So dear ones can you let go.. give up your past? There may be no choice or there may be a great reward. The only way you’ll know is to just survive and as you do, simple ways will form and before you know it you will become proficient at your new ways and means.  So the bottom line is when you find yourself here (x marks the spot) instead of there you will know it is nothing to be feared.
Angel Signature

A gift from the angels. They have been strongly urging me to write more often. I want to do as they ask. I hope that you are finding comfort and encouragement in their words.




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