No small part

A message for you:

Ah, Salea to you this day is brought a message of joy and blessing. A message to share because you need to hear this. You are called forth to do what you do, when you do it~how you do it. We are not concerned, God is not concerned with how big or small be your task or ministry. The important part is that you sing in your soul in rejoicing for the task at hand to bring it to the world.

Like each small drop of rain, together can cause a flood. Each piece you drop in contributes to God’s love. And yes you have made mistakes~ made a few wrong turns. Yet there too He is able to find you and offer you his hand. Say my child here I STILL AM~ nothing really changes yet nothing stays the same for children like you that were called by his name. And written you are in the book for all time to see.

So dear one you are special indeed. Take up your task, a joy to behold and walk your days with a soul that never grows old.
The Angels

As the sun shines outside this beautiful spring morning I hope this message adds some light and hope to your soul. Soon the fullness of spring will be here. We have much to do to prepare. May you be given the tools that you need to move forward in your life right now.



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