Minute Details

I felt that this one started out for me but then they told me that it is for all of you too. It is so nice when they speak to all of  us. I hope this speaks to your heart.

You are worried about work and details ~ so there will always be work and details. If you want to study them and fret over them then do so, yet turn it around. Examine all the minute details of your life and find the blessing there in each tiny thing for that is where the real messages for you are in the most tiny details of your life; your existence. Why look for the big, turn your focus on the small. Small- close your circle; gather a very small, intimate circle of friends. Get to know them, share with them- time, talent and resources.

Yes, yes, yes sometimes it is the sparkly that catches your eye, yet it is only a tool to stop you and make you come closer.

Closer to look and really see.

Yes, loves we are all concerned for the ways of the world- there has always been only one weapon, one antidote, one way to change the tide, to stem the flood.

That way loves is love.

Angel Signature

Peace and love,


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