We Dance With You

This post was written on a beautiful spring day. As you read it, imagine yourself outside with a gentle spring breeze blowing.

Dear one, dear dear dear ones. All are so special to us here. Know we carry you before God, loves to whisper your name in His ear.
Yes, loves on this beautiful spring day we dance with you among the wind and the rain. We are with you in sunshine and waving blades. This day and all days when you doubt remember how we stirred up a breeze to rustle the leaves and grasses and drown out the noise to speak to you in our voice, our cadence, our song. We are here, we are here.

Oh such is this time of welcoming spring as the days become lighter and brighter and full of wonder. As the seasons have their flowing and timing so does your life. And each ebb and flow carries messages for your soul. Just for today imagine that your are perfectly perfect and right where you should be in this time of your life.

Join hearts and souls with all.

Angel Signature

It was a wonderful time of angels singing through the leaves, the grass, the wind. May it lift your hearts.


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