The Beginning of Gifts

We are having such beautiful spring weather here today. My day, started with coffee and a long spiritual time, then yard work. I am on a well-deserved break right now.

During my spiritual study/contemplative time I was reminded of so many things that have happened on my journey to where I am today. I am sure you too can recall many fascinating things along your path.

Today I want to share some of my background with you. I have been doing angelic writings since I was four years old. Of course, I did not know that is what they were at the time however, I knew they were special. Unfortunately, my father did not think so and scolded me for wasting paper.  He got so mad one time that he took the entire stack of the paper I been writing on and threw it in the garbage and forbade me to take them out; I was crushed. I know now that I was told wrong information, but at the time I did not want my father angry with me, so I curtailed my writings. This was just the first of many times I have run into fear and resistance surrounding my gifts, which in turn led me to hide or deny my gifts.

I share this because maybe there is a child in your life that does things or says things that do not make sense to your adult mind. I challenge you to watch and to listen but most importantly, allow this child to do these things. They are not crazy, they are not telling tall tales; most likely they are connected to the spiritual realm.

If you have been gifted with a child like that in your life please do what you can to nurture these gifts that they have been given and to protect them from those people that would create disbelieve and/or fear in this child. And if you do not know how to do these things or feel it is out of your league then find someone who can assist you and this gifted child to feel supported and secure in developing their gifts. I am here for you and for them; please contact me.

My own journey has been long and has had many bumps along the way; times when I ran into fear and skepticism that made me draw back and want to hide my gifts. In the last couple of years I have said that I will never do that again. But even as an adult that is difficult at times. Yet, I have come to know that the directive to share is more important then the sense of normalcy I try to cram myself into; which never works.

So, to all of you, like me that don’t fit in the “normal” box rejoice in who and what you are.

Oh dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. We sing to you and with you as you welcome yourself home. We come to support  you as you share your gifts and our message for the little ones.

And oh to the little ones we rejoice in their sweet honesty and ways as they strive to grow up in a chaotic world. Reach out to our little ones, embrace them, sing to them, love them, support them. Do not worry if you do not understand them. As with our words many times understanding is not required; however acceptance is. Draw them near, draw them in. Hold fast to who they are and all they need to be to grow into strong, sheltering trees.

Oh love, loves we love you and shine our grace upon you. Be happy. Be well.

Love from most high

The angels


May you be supported by their words as you support and care for the young ones in your life with gifts to grow.



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