I am human, therefore I feel pain. Not just physical pain but spiritual pain, mental pain and emotional pain. We share this trait. However, many times when we are hurt by the deeds or actions of others we do not know how to handle it. Therefore, today I have asked the angels to speak to us about this so that we can be uplifted and shown a better way to handle it then what is typically in our human nature, which is all too often unhealthy for our souls.

Oh little ones we see that you are in a hurtful place and from there that you want to disconnect, to move away from the pain. Or you want to strike out. Both come from your fear and your thought that there is not enough for you right now. Yet, there is a lesson in generosity of  spirit to be learned. Give love and forgiveness right now to those who you feel have hurt you. Offer it up to them through the light of the universe. Allow it to diffuse and dissipate out to the world. This is a time for you to let this hurt go. You must not let it dwell in the house of your soul, taking up camp and making it a dry place. Instead use it to be like a fertilizer for the ground to grow new and creative things in your life. Place all of your love and energy there. Let go my child, let go.

The angels

What a powerful message for us all today. I know I am both convicted and uplifted by their message today.




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