Glee and Mirth

The angels reminded me today about the importance of these writings. Yes, I like everyone else, need reminders about what and why this is important. The reason they are so important is that with the writings you can go back and reread them and have a new layer revealed. They do not wish for us to struggle. God sends the angels to give us messages to assist us in our daily lives. Yet many times we only get a small piece of the larger picture. They have far-reaching vision, we have only limited vision.

They also tell us that questions are good and powerful, for seeking leads us on our journey(s), which bring us closer to God.

To you today we send love and glee~ oh you forgot about glee and mirth you forgot how wonderful it all feels because everything you do gets turned into work. You take fun and joyful activities and you turn it into work and drudgery. Why do you punish your soul with so much work attached to fun? Maybe you need to turn work into fun. Maybe there is a way to get back to simpler ways when you could have fun, real fun. Just for today find some way to turn all projects you have into a game, a playful, happy game.

And most importantly do not give away your joy~ let it stay no matter who or what comes your way. Do not let your pure joy get stolen. Only shared, only shared.

Angels Signature




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