Rain, Rain and More Rain

I just love the sound of rain.  I love it best if I happened to be under a tin roof. It is almost the same in a car, but not quite. So, it is spring and it is raining. Why are we so surprised, perplexed and often upset over normal happenings?

Dear ones we wish to speak to you. To come to you. To comfort you. We are like the rain. We fall upon your life gently at times and other times we come like a raging storm. Sometimes you can not hear us for we blend in with all that is around you. Other times if you would only sit still you would hear us blowing across your life like a gentle breeze that carries a soft melodic melody. Yet, always we bring you what you need.

Please know that you have what you need available to you. You have forgotten how to look for the daily manna in your life. Coming to feed and nourish your soul. Taste for it is good.

Dear ones oh dear ones we wish to be close to you. We bring with us the soft smells of love. We carry with us blessings for you. We are near.

So for today remember like the rain we are falling to bring you life. As the plants and trees grow green so does your life. Full and abundant. Yes, full and abundant.

Turn your eyes toward the heavens and open your hearts. Pray for the little ones, the precious ones. So many need for your prayers. Join together and pray for them.

And know that there are those who are praying for you.

Angel Signature

Thank you for reading. May the angels fall abundantly in your life.

You are lifted in prayer and I join you in praying for the ones who can not pray for themselves. Whether they be too sick or abused.



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