Grow Your Capacity

Dear readers- I too want to know the how and the why of so many things. They open today with a wonderful reminder to laugh and be joyful. Yes, their messages are often redundant… but then again we forget so easily, or at least we seem to by the way we lose sight and wander off the joyful path that has been laid out before us. Yet, they end their message with a bang. But don’t take my word for it, read what they have to say for yourself.

For everyone, for them all we wish to sing, to laugh. Joyous laughter that makes you want to laugh too and never stop. Lots of laughter and joy to you. Be gentle. Be light. Be a light of sunshine and laughter bubbling up with joy.

Allow your spirit to be light and float free and soft.

Life is a joyous ride full of laughter.

Oh yes and tears, tears of joy, sorrow and pain~ Too much pain to be contained. Too much hard and harsh ways~ no, these things can never be fully explained~ The ones who are stuck in such times of pain and horrible torturous conditions at the hands of ones who have lost their way and fallen into a pit of evil~ how can we stop such things when they seem impossible to even comprehend~ Just because they are beyond normal comprehension or earthly solutions~

Only spiritual laws will prevail~ Only spiritual ways will ever truly break the chains and let not just their bodies but their souls escape.

Only, Only, Only can/will healing take place and turn the tides and finally end this war. Those/These are ones who need our prayers~ SO that when the time comes they will be brought to new shores. To be realigned and refashioned to now function in love.

And the same holds true of each of you.

For you have much need of opening and allowing for realignment so that you too have a larger/bigger ever growing capacity for love.

And you are the true secret to changing the whole world.

Angel Signature

I added the emphasis on the last line. We have to believe that we have the power to change the world by using the gift of love. I believe, I believe, I believe!



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