We are Here

Angelic Message:

We are here. Light and free like the gentle breeze. In all you do you have us with you. Where you go, we are there.  You can not travel away from us. And if you ask we are eager to join you in all you do.

There are serious issues affecting your life. So many things which try to trouble your mind~ all things of this world~ so many things weighing upon you~ so many of you feel like to drown, yet there is a hope, a way for you to survive. No not easy, yet simple. As you look to where your help comes~ fix your eyes there and let go of the worrisome visions you currently hold.

Someone literally needs to take a seat and stop trying to lead the show~ this one you can not control~ let go!

Someone needs to trust they are on the right path- because you are.

And someone needs to indulge just this once and make/order those pancakes and enjoy. You have put your spirit in prison and enjoying something so simple will set you free.

And a last one needs to step away from the dark arts. You have been dabbling in- they will soon separate you from all you love and care about- no don’t think about it- do it today and throw all of that crap away- don’t hold onto or keep ONE thing.

Yes to one of you be assured this message is for you. You feel it- you doubt but know it is for you- Yes it is.  Finally with this fresh assurance you will know today that you are okay and ready for anything.

Friends please know that this post is a departure from how they have been asking me to post, however, as they were giving me these personal messages for certain people they told me that some will speak to more than one and that for at least one of you, you will not find the message on the day it is posted, you will find it much later. But know this it is for you and it will be fresh and powerful. They say like Limburger cheese (that is the really strong, smelly cheese.) And yes they used the word crap because that word will mean something to the person it is spoken to.

I am humbled to bring these messages to you. I thank you for trusting me to bring them and for allowing me to share them with you.



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