Good Days

Today started out good. I mean I looked good, I felt good; everything was good!

However, by this afternoon that had all changed. I came home to dog poo on the floor, stubbed my little toe, realized my clothes didn’t fit right and my lunch had not agreed with me. To top it all off I got an email giving me negative feedback.

How does a good day go so wrong? And why? It may sound as if I’m complaining about small things or being trivial but I think it is important to look at the way our external circumstances affect our spirit.

Let’s look at this from two perspectives. 1) I can not let my emotions or the opinions of others rule me and 2) The enemy is always on the prowl waiting to steal our joy.

Good days~ good, good days of wonderful sunshine and warmth. Sing through these days, these beautiful days. We bring blessings your way.

Like magic these days are charmed as you begin to see~ to believe we are near~ to help and assist you~ we are here for you.

Each day a fresh new miracle.

At every turn there is a chance, the opportunity for such blessings to come your way~ Just like the gentle rain or puffs from the trees it comes steady and from all around~ in abundance.

You want to see miracles~ open your eyes~ you are surrounded by them



The Angels

I needed this reminder today. Especially, in light of how it took such a downward turn. I have had to make a real effort to get back to knowing, and more importantly feeling, on the inside that it is a good day no matter what the outside circumstances may be and most importantly, that miracles are all around. Furthermore, I am on the right path and will have to continue on even when the feedback is not so good or I have a bad day. You do too.

Sending you angels in abundance,



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