Dancing with the Angels

Dear readers, please know that this post is near and dear to my heart on a daily basis but I do not post that often. It is not that the angels are not always with us, nor is it that they do not wish to speak to us. They are always near and constantly speaking and ministering to us. Moreover, sometimes they wish to dance with us. So in the words of one of my favorite songs; “I hope you dance!”

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! We are here~ constantly here with you and around you. We come to bring you all that you need and more, fore the universe is an abundant place where nothing is lacking. We know sometimes you find it difficult to find what you need, it seems far away/out of grasp or it seems hidden or like a puzzle piece is missing.

Know that is not true~it is there and all you need to do is aks for the revealing of it to SEE what it is you need to see~ THERE right there. Just like that~ look at that word and see how HERE is part of there. Please do not be dismayed it is fun to find- looking can force one to move or to sit still to look to search to puzzle. Now that you do see how and where your blessings are and are abundant enjoy~ Enjoy loves~enjoy.

Angel Signature

A short, yet powerful message to be sure. It is awesome to think that we have what we need already here and available to us. May you find your blessings today.

And may I add that just because it is possible it doesn’t make it any less of a miracle. I take this space and this opportunity to thank God for the miracles in my life.

Thank you for reading,



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