For All of You~ They Speak, The Angels Speak

Angelic Message:

Ah, Ah, ah what simple words and simple terms do you need to hear to know of the love we have for you and is available to you everyday. You let fear get in the way. It may come out looking like anger or prejudice yet it is all fear. What are you so angry about? Why do you fear letting go of all the past? You can not change it. Yes heal it, send it healing and love but change it no. The only thing you can do is move forward with love~now~today~ in so many ways~this all and everything we have to say~especially for ones who struggle right now.

Yet we know you hunger for more; to hear, to see so much. There are many things in your life right now that don’t belong and they need to go. Other things you have mislabeled and categorized so they don’t fit. Go back and LOOK to see where they are misplaced and misshaped, mismatched and move them. As you play with these things you will begin to see/know where they go and which ones do not belong.

Once you have re-cataloged you will be able to line them up One, Two, Three the importance and order of things as they settle down you will know where in comes from your true (self). For it will be easy to tell and live true.

Our messages are not short because we have nothing to say or because we say nothing much. It/they are pure and simple and can stand on their own.

The Angels


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