What Direction?

This is a reading was done for a young lady. While writing it they told me that it was meant for a wider audience. So, after finishing I asked her permission to share it with all of you. She graciously said yes. When that happens it does not diminish the personal message for her but enlarges and maginifies it for so many. What a great and wonderful gift. Thankfully, she got it both physically (she walked away with the piece of paper where they infused their spirit) and emotionally that this was meant for others too. So to her I say thank you. I think you will too.

There are those paths that we walk down and they become our new path/direction. There are those other ones we have walked since our beginning. These 1st paths, the ones we first were drawn to rarely change, we continue to walk them. Yet along this new path, this new adventure we must look for signs- signs that line up and tell us not only where we need to go yet also align with/compare with/match where we have been or where we know in our heart we need to go. So are those signs there?

The Angels

This short message contains so much depth. It is often their shorter messages that are so profound. They end it with a question, this allows you time to consider your own path. Happy exploring.




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