Never Out of Touch

* The beginning letter I wrote to God I share with you, because I feel I must ask your forgiveness too.

Dear Lord forgive me for being afraid. For stepping away and backing off again. And the more I thought about it and tried to figure it out, the futher I stepped away. Leaving people wondering where I had gone and hanging in suspense. I am so sorry that once again I let someone’s harsh and judgmental words keep me from what you have called me to do.

Then I find myself in a place of fear… fear that if I do not use this gift to your glory you will take it away from me. Then who will I be? What will I do?

To be so double-minded and full of fear is both confusing and disconcerting.

So… I surrender myself to you Lord and humbly ask you to use me for your will. To have this gift or not is of no matter to me. Yet, if it be your will, that you will allow me to use it to glorify you and to minister to others. If I am called, as I believe I am, then use me. Every moment, of every day use me. I stand open and willing for you.

These times are always difficult. Yet, here I am coming before you; my readers, my friends, my family and my critics alike. This is not about me but about the angels and God and his holy love for us. May I be your humble servant and bring their messages to you.

Dear ones we are always with you and beside you. Here to comfort and show love to you. You wonder and feel lost and we are here to help you find your way. Stand still and we will find you. Move and we will find you. Fall and we will pick you up. You can not be outside of our realm of love and protection. Things may feel confusing or difficult. They may feel painful and crazy. You may be in a situation that makes absolutely no sense. Ah but you are never out of our reach. We touch you and bring you the love of God in the form of many things. You can see it in the simple and ordinary things. God is not asking you to do more, or be more. He is asking only that you open yourself to know him and feel his love. That is all. It is that simple.

Now for one of you that crys out in pain and sorrow; know that we feel your heart and want to minister to you and your ways of distress. You need to find peace in your sleep. You are robbing yourself of the much needed rest needed for your body to preform. You need to put that aside for a time and rest. It will be there for you when you come back to it.

Now for another one… oh love you are feeling like a little one that no one wants or needs. We love you and need you as the one that you are. You have one gift you have been holding back and it is the only one you need. Give that gift… And yes, you know who to give it to- today!

For all these messages are meant for many and for special ones. For you as you read these words from the heavenly realm know that we knew you would come here today. At this moment because your heart and soul led you here to read this. To hear our voice in your heart. There is no need for you to question if this is for you. If you are here at this moment it is for you.

Come little ones and rest in the assurance of His love. Come and be comforted. Come and be loved. Come and ask your questions and bring your needs.

You are loved dear ones you are loved.


The Angels

I Thank you for your understanding. I humble myself before you and offer you myself as your servant to bring you these words from the angels. Enjoy.



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