A Treat

Angelic Message:

Dear ones we wish to speak to you. We wish to tell you of love, of many things that are wonderful. Hear our words as they speak to your heart.

Today we bring blessings untold. Love that unfolds as sails upon the wind, billowing out to buoy you up. So dear ones know that you are held. You are watched over, tended to and cared for. No thing is lacking from your life and only the hands of friends are near. You are safe and secure. Tender shoots which spring forth from the ground like you are cared for, gently watched over and tended to like new ones sprouting fresh and growing eagerly toward the sun. In dew time you are watered, in evening time you rest and in due time you come to maturity and assurance.

Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones we come to you to sing to you of many things. Fret not nor worry be for we are with thee. Become as one to harmonize and carry your song together upon the wind. Your cares are like specks of dust; light and easy to blow away. Do not hang rocks upon your dust and chain them like burdens to your feet.

As the sun shines upon your face, allow your countenance to shine forth as a blessing to those around you~ surround you with love. For the eyes of God can only see you in that light and he can make others see you in tha t light too~ What a wonderful, wonderous blessing.

Be well in your heart, be happy this will prolong your days and hours and tame the little ones that want to think they are lions.

Be gone you have no power here~ proclaim today in Jesus name.

Angel Signatures~ Many layers of their names

Thank you for reading. Thank you for allowing me to hear the voices of the angels for you again today.



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