Feast of Light

My dear friends,

Thank you for once again joining me and the angels here. I offer what they bring me as a gift to you. This one was written the other night, on December 1st, which this year was the beginning of the Feast of Lights; also known as Hanukkah. The times that they come are never by chance or accident. Whereas, they are always here, there are times that they come forward stronger. I have noticed that often that coincides with days that are high holy days in some religion. This may be because there is so much spiritual energy coming from those who are observing that day or it may be that these days and where and when they fall in the calendar are set by the hand of God. Yet, most likely, it is a combination of the two. So, join in the celebration and observance of these days~ especially at this time of year~where you can find a way to be a part of the celebration anywhere and everywhere.

For all. For one. For to be here is to be loved in a collective singing song in four part harmony, well many more, yet we like the number four.

You need not stand alone or apart, you are part of the love like a tiny drop of water in Niagara Falls. Rushing, churning, crashing and yet serene, soft, tranquil. You are the drop. You are the speck as part of the rushing sea. Why take it apart bit by bit when one can be part of the whole. Yet, if you will know and be known no matter how small then you will know He can find you still and fill you completely with His love.

Angel Signature

So short and yet so profound and full of love. May you feel the love that God and his angels have for you and send to you. May you know this deep into your core.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,




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