Kindness and Love

We, as human beings, are so hard on ourselves. We push ourselves to do more, be more, always more, more more… While we are busy berating ourselves for all we are not the angels remind us of all that we are and how that is always enough. As a matter of fact it is more than enough. And sometimes, unexpectedly, the Lord comes through to talk directly to us too.

Why do you beat yourself up~ trying to keep up with others~ oh because you think all is a competition But it is not – Ponder this – if you do only one thing in your life for another in my name with love, in love and full of love then that my child will be more than enough – Just one thing – touch one in love, heal one in love, feed one in love~ Your heart and your hands doing one act of love~ Like a great moment upon the stage except there is no requirement that you be good at it or become famous for it, for that matter it doesn’t have to even be known at all – it can be a quiet act in a remote corner hidden from all eyes but mine my little one~ take away the need to do and just exist ready and willing to love.

The Holy Spirit

Dear ones know you are so made up of love~ you were made that way to function that way. Please take notice of the ways in which you speak to yourself (and to others). Watch your language; even your  thought language. Be gentle and kind to each other. Your life/lives have become very busy and complicated~ where in this way becomes more needed. This way of speaking in kind, gentle, loving ways.

Sit still and be still with our gentle love

Angel Signatures

Thank you Lord Jesus and the angels for your words today.



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