1/1/11 at 11:11

I just love when the numbers line up and bring us messages from the angels. They are fond of numbers. They use them to remind us they are near. Like me being here on this date at this time to bring to you a message from above.

Good morning loves ~ Ah yes for you a bright shiny new year, for us one more day to remind you that we love you and are here to bring you messages of love and hope and to dispel and wipe away your fears. You who dream darkness we bring you light. You who have lost your way we bring you a map. You who feel all alone we come to you and sit by your side, for you are never alone nor apart~ Oh children this day begins and as you take each breath know that you are being filled with inspiration and love. God feeds you wonderous love~ overflowing and in abundance and all he asks of you is that you exhale and release it. Too many are holding their breath, waiting. There is no great thing to wait for. The time is now, the time is this very instant~ and as you release know that what you give gets spread and multiplied. Oh so many ask~ How, oh how can we fix this world and a large part of the answer is LOVE~ yes too many operate out of fear and need~ ALL of your needs are taken care of and all that you fear has been defeated~ SO NOW WHAT~ ah yes LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – It does sound simplistic and it is yet it will also take your whole-hearted effort. Do not be faint hearted be brave hearted and live in LOVE.

Angel Signature and more

Happy New Year to you dear friends. Know that the angels are with you and want to minister to you, every minute of every day. They speak to us in everyday signs and wonders. Be open to their messages in all that is around you everyday. And live this year and every moment of it in LOVE.



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