Slow Days are Okay

Oh today is slow day. I feel I have wasted time today because I have not accomplished much. But then again, I didn’t have a long list of things I needed to do.

I am reading the book, Angels by Billy Graham. I have read this book before. Yet, I am finding fresh insights; as is often true when I reread a book. It is a fantastic book that speaks about the angels and how they come to us. I enjoy reading and studying about the angels, as with scripture or other studies, for there is always so much to learn. Being open to learning about God and his holy angels I expand my awareness and appreciation for all that they do for us everyday.

Two interesting things happened today; the first was while brushing my teeth this morning I recalled a brief conversation I had with a woman. I was talking to her in regards to doing the angel readings and art. She had come to sit and talk to me at an open house event and was asking me some questions. I commented to her that I would love for the angels to take over my life, by having me do this work on a full-time basis. I was reminded that I said that and that I repeated it to my husband, thus making it not only a witnessed statement but also one that would become more binding because I said it again to someone who I spend my life with. I am sure the angels were gently reminding me of my statement. They are taking over my life…

The other interesting thing that happened today is that I got a call from a woman who I hear from occasionally. She believes in the angels and all things spiritual yet she struggles  with all things earthly. So, what are we to do with these times and feelings of wanting to be and do better yet finding it difficult to do so? I ask the angels to help and assist us; please dear angels help us.

We are here to help and assist you to know the love of your Lord and Savior and to feel warm and secure in that love so that you can learn and grow. Your struggles are illusions that you believe more so than the love. Know them to be fancy painted lies that only wish to harm and deceive you and nothing more. Know we are with you every step of the way. There are many, plentiful for you. We are all around you waiting and wanting to bless you abundantly today. You are held tight in God’s loving arms to hold you fast. Know this and lean to it. Lean into it and find it holds you fast and secure.

Angel Signature

The angels are here for us. They do not need to speak volumes to get their message across, they are loving and supportive to assist us in all we do.



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