Rejoicing in the Multiplying and Magnification

I overheard a conversation the other evening. I was not ease dropping, the people were in a public place and I was sitting within earshot. The part of the conversation that caught my attention was the person was telling the others about a recent and profound experience he had with someone healing his ankle. He said that it was amazing and the person had gone right to the offending ankle without him saying anything. He called this person a great healer. The person he was referring to happens to be someone who I know, albeit not very well. As a matter of fact, I did not know they did healing work. My initial reaction was just that, I thought “Wow, I didn’t know that.” But then a darkness crept in my mind, a type of jealousy that said, “Hey, what about me, I’m a great healer.” Then I began to wonder if there are people who say such wonderful things about me. Then the darkness came back again; “What if no one is expounding my virtues and talents or worse yet, what if they are saying horrible things about me?” Luckily, I was conscious of this internal dialogue and I quickly admonished myself to be happy and thankful for knowing this person and hearing of their wonderful work. Then I added to it, that here was a person bold enough to share their experience of healing and growth.

I thought even more about this incident over the last couple of days. My initial reaction troubled me. I reminded myself how great it is that there are those who do healing work and that if one person touches another person out of love and desire to heal and restore them that I should be rejoicing. Yes, this is just the type of thing that I should magnify and multiply.

So, I thought I would take my musings to the angels and ask them for their thoughts upon the subject and this is what they had to say:

Dear one you are so right- Rejoice and praise and thankfulness are warranted. And beyond. Just think the first part the hands upon flesh- touch- the profound effect. Then the sharing and imparting. The thankfulness and gratitude in abundance. The ears that heard the frequency of the above. Then all this changing the fabric of a community, one heart at a time added to more. This is the joyous beat and cadence of LOVE.

l-l to 1= whole ( one single person gives to one single person this is One which equals a whole)

This is the true healing as you stop judging and competing and just be. Thus opening to and allowing the flow to continue~ like uncorking a dam to allow so much more to come forth in so much wonderful abundance.

Angel Signature

Ah ha! I had many of these moments in the last few days as a result of catching myself being out of sorts with others and myself. I have consciously worked on coming to a place of thankfulness, joy, love and so much more, which has opened me up to seeing in a renewed light. I pray and ask for assistance that I can hold onto this light and allow it to guide me. I pray that the wisdom that God and the angels have given me will stick.

Do you struggle when you hear of others being praised or being more successful then you?



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