Wow, the last few days have gone by fast and yet they have been good days. Several times in the last week the same life message has come to me – TRUST your instincts. I have been told to trust them about situations, about people and most importantly about myself. I have been given confirmation that says this is what I need to do more often. It is amazing the ways God speaks to us and reveals himself to us, we are the ones who, frequently, block the messages.

The angels always want to be near us and speak to us. They want to assist us in our ways, yet they can not tell us what to do. They can not interfere in our free will but they can enlighten us and help us see clearly the path we are on and the direction we need to go. They come to shine a light so we can see so much more and know so much more. All we have to do is ask, ask, ask…

Dear ones we do wish to speak to you and be with you. We cherish and adore you as dear ones. We want to bring you light and love, we want to help you with your burdens and cause you to feel rest. Yes, Yes, Yes dear ones we dance near you. Oh so near. We speak to you. We bring you joyous laughter and cleansing tears. We fill lonely nights and lengthen lovely days. We spark the fire and bring inspiration to you. So why do you not know us more, see us more, feel us more~ Oh dear ones we are always near~ We can travel the realms yet we do not need to manifest in such obvious ways for you to experience us. The veil of worlds is there for protection and know there are times, frequent times when we do come to the physical aid of those little ones. We do love and care for you and would never wish to see you fall to illness or harm, yet, oh yet, we can not interfere in the affairs of men but must often stand clear. Know we do so out of obedience and fear as we know what we must do and the care we must take. Know that we are love, pure and simple and as such we love everyone and all we love~

Angel Signature

This ministry is something that I must trust to do. And to trust is what I need more of right now. I can trust what I know and what the angels bring to me and so can you.



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