Love vs Fear

I am so thankful for the love that God brings.

Some people think that the opposite of love is hate but they are wrong; the opposite of love is fear.

The reason I am writing about this is because the other evening I came home to find that something had happened to my cat. He was a mess. I knew that he was hurt and it was very distressing that he could not tell me what had happened or where he was hurt. I didn’t know how seriously he was injured but it seemed serious due to his labored breathing. Let me assure you that he is fine. But at the time fear flooded my brain. I wanted to not be afraid and to trust God to take care of him and make him well. But it was difficult. So, I did what I could… I prayed. I prayed that God would forgive me my fear and doubt and take it away. I prayed this because I did not want my fear to block the power that God has to heal. Next I prayed that he would replace it with faith. I then prayed that he would send ministering angels to comfort my cat. Yes, I believe the angels come to the aid of our animal friends too. And of course, I prayed that God would make my cat well and whole. After my experience, I thought this would be a good topic to ask the angels to speak about:

Dear ones we are always near and ready to come to you. God is full of love and mercy which he gives to you always. This world that you live in is harsh and full of many things that make you doubt these truths and become fearful~ Oh little ones you are wise in your ways~ Setting up ways to be careful and survive, being watchful and mindful~ Yet there are many things and times you can not guard~ In all things and ways you must acknowledge God~ This releases his power and his love~ Yes, Yes, Yes once again the opening of the floodgate and the flowing forth of love. If and when you learn to breath in his new way you will surely be able to sustain all. All, All, All in all your ways you will know and do this and be this.

Now for one little one a special message there will always be distractions to pull you away. Yet you must focus on the important thing of the day~ to really make a difference/an impact you must keep on course and not get pulled away~ This is much more important then you realize.

Ah, yes dear one~No hard or harsh feelings when you do things out of kindness and out of obedience you shall be largely rewarded~ Yes, keep to your path~One step by one step forward on.

You don’t need reassurance from anyone or even one special someone. You need to know this in your heart~ as you do~ trust~ and move~ go!

You are ready, you have been so ready and now~ now the timing is perfect, it is right. Move~move~ move out into this new and better space being prepared for you~

Angel Signature

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me and the angels. I am sure this message is timely for many of  you and for some more than others. Please remember that sometimes it takes rereading and having new layers revealed to know how their messages fit for you. SO, please go back and reread this message and other ones to see how they resonate with you today; for their messages are both timely and timeless.



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