Pray it Forward

Everyone has heard of the concept of Paying it Forward but in case you have not heard about it, I will briefly explain what it is. Paying it Forward is giving to someone else as a way of repaying a kindness done to or for you. For example; let’s say that someone gives you some money and you feel like you want to pay it back but they say that they do not want you to pay them back, so instead you pay your debt to them by giving money to someone else that needs it. Another way it works is if you want to create a little savings account for yourself you can give someone else something even if you don’t have a debt to repay.

Well, I would like to take this concept one step further and offer the idea of Praying it Forward. It works in the same fashion as the above except we pray instead of pay. So, when you feel that you have been blessed and/or had a prayer answered; you pray that same blessing forward to someone else. And you can also do the same as above with the savings account idea; by praying blessings forward to others.

Pretty simple and yet very powerful as you PRAY IT FORWARD!

Oh dear ones what a beautiful idea. Please play with this idea and allow it some space in your life. What greater gift could you give to someone then to pray for them. A simple prayer that they would be blessed. A way to open the great doorway of transmission of flowing love and blessings from above. Yes, loves this is a great game to play. We love this idea and all of the symbols that it conveys. Ahh, love and the channeling of love to each other. This will surely do much for all the peoples of the world.

Oh dear ones you worry and fret over so many things going on in this world. Do not worry or fret. Do not turn into a rock or a hard place. You can not operate out of this fear. You block the power of God’s love when your mind gets bloated with such things. Allow your heart, your soul, your mind to be released of these things and to be filled with the great love.

Love from the Angels

Yes, simple and powerful message for all today.

May our hearts and our minds be open to the flow of love. I pause to pray for each of you. So often I pause to pray for you. If you would like prayer please feel free to contact me.



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