Revive Me and Give Me Hind’s Feet

In the midst revive me and give me hind’s feet

Habakkuk 3:1 and 3:19

In the midst of the swirling confusion and utter destruction of the recent events in Japan I went to the angels to asked them to please speak to us about what we are seeing, hearing and feeling.

Dear sweet angels speak to us, it feels as though the world is falling apart. So much loss and destruction. Give us words of wisdom.

Dear one as always there are those times which are of great chaos and confusion where forces of this world quell up and take over~ Oh many decry it as punishment; a type of cleansing of the Lord of the wicked~ But no~ why do so many try to blame God for their misfortunes~ when it is by God all blessing flows~ Many say there is no large-scale good that happens~ no building up and lifting high in such a short time~ why of why if we can have one can we not have the other~ A natural of nature is a large force which can not be stopped~ Large, BIG, oh so big and huge and so much suffering now~ All ask and seek answers. Yet in the midst of large tragedies God gets small~ He is in the tiny miracles of those saved, of those who draw closer, of those who get down on their knees and pray, pray, pray~ This releases a powerful force of God’s love and provision~ Do not look for where God is not, look for where God is!

Angel Signature

There really is nothing I can add. They say it so plainly and simply. From God all blessing flows; it is constant. God is in the details; the small minuscule details. We must always look for where God is; for what you seek you shall find.

I send my thoughts, prayers and the angels to the people of Japan and other areas that have suffered great natural disasters.


PS: This message resounds to so many situation, not just this one, God gets small when large tragedies strike. Look and you shall find him.


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