Compacted for More

I like to read Rob Brezny’s “Free Will Astrology.” He is a great writer and I enjoy reading his witty horoscopes. However, I do not read it to predict my future or steer my path, rather I read it for fun. He is a great writer. I always read Capricorn first, since that is my birth sign, however, I also read all of the other signs.

I find his writing crisp and witty. At times he is downright confrontational yet, I have never faulted him for that, because sometimes you need to be brash. Either he is very well read or he stumbles upon odd factoids that he has a gift for weaving together with his thoughts. I like to think that it is a little of both. Plus, he packs a punch in one small paragraph; which averages 100 words. Yes, that may seem long given the world of texting and tweeting but those often lack the substance that he packs in his paragraphs.

I too, strive to keep my messages brief yet relevant. I have noticed that the Angels frequently do the same, although, they will write longer messages. One year on Passover the message, (all in their language) was twenty-one pages long. Another time, a reading was seven pages long (in English); seven legal pad pages. My hand and arm were exhausted after that one.

My point is please don’t judge the message by its length but by its content, sit with it, let it truly speak to you. Read it again. Long or short, there is something important that you need from their words. Let them speak to your soul.

Dear ones. Dear, Dear, Dear ones. Little Lambs of God~ we reach out to you, we beseech you and implore you to hear us. To hear the roar and rumble of the thunder we bring~ the rain to feed your dry souls. There have and are harsh things happening in the world; too much to for you keep track or tally. We make an account for the judgement day comes, we are witnesses too. And like you we wish to close our eyes and not see but to not see is to close your heart. The account must be made so that it can be paid. We who are the messengers of all things from Heaven know we bring you good tidings~ we bring you love and comfort and peace. Prepare you for all that is to come into your life, abundant and overflowing~ Love and peace. As the gentle rains fall, soft, also comes the heavy ones and winds and floods the very ways of this world are gentle and harsh, sometimes oh so harsh. It is not of God to harm and destroy. It is not of God to hurt and kill. The land on which you live is unstable and changing~ in both large and small ways. However, the heart of man can be tamed and controlled with love, with forgiveness; if he is willing to let God be in control and direct his life. SO few are willing to make the sacrifice and so they are not given the reward. Choose this day~ choose life and love with God.

For one; one you want to run, to hide. You are so afraid inside but you have a tool, a weapon that will provide all you need to banish your fear and go to do what you must/need to do.

For you, for you little one, so lost and confused there is no reason for you to feel so. We are right here helping to guide you just look/watch for our signs; they are there.

Oh you of so little patience and trust, the Big Bad Wolf is NOT about to eat you and your children. You need to open your eyes. You asked for more openness and humor, especially with your children but you missed a great, big, fat opportunity. Plus be very careful who you chastise, it may be a real angel in your life. Think about the last few days and you will SEE!

The Angels


The messages come through for you and for special ones. I am sure the ones that they are meant for will be led here to read them.

The lightening tonight on the distant shore was beautiful; like fireworks. Nature can be so beautiful and so harsh. May you and yours be safe and well.

Keep it light my friends. Keep it love.