Sunday=Sunny Day

Today started out gloomy and gray but now has become clear and sunny. I like sunny days, especially if they are warm, sunny days.

I have come to this space and time without an agenda or a true prompting. I have simply come and opened myself to what the angels have to say at this time, on this day.

Dear one you wait with great expectation for us to speak, to reveal ourselves to you and yet you know we are always here. You can hear our laughter if you quiet yourself enough. So many do not want to hear because they fear what they might hear or what they may have to do or see. Yet, we encourage you to have no fears or expectations of or for/from us. There is no agenda with us only love. Our messages and our songs and our laughter spill forth love. You want a big message telling you and directing you in your life purpose and mission. Start from love, follow love, be love, move in love and toward love, share love. This is the directive. So why is this fearful, why is this hard?

Oh little ones you were meant to be so much in so many multiple ways that you get caught up in choices. Yet, it is simple. All is very simple. Look for the signs that we send. They are right there for you.

You think we are cryptic and confusing. We are not we are plain and simple. You take what we bring and make it difficult.

Now someone wants to hear a special song from us. Well, dear one go turn on the radio and it will be there. You will hear it and it will gladden and confirm for you that what your heart and mind has been troubled about is going to be solved (they kept wanted me to write so-loved but I knew that the word they wanted you to know is solved.)

Another one, oh a small one and wee one is so sad and only needs a little. Who can come and give it to  you? Who have you asked? You asked no one but we are sending someone to come to you. Someone out of the blue. Someone who you least expect is coming and coming soon. They will bring sunshine and joy into your heart. You will be restored and strengthened. Take them at their word. Trust what they have to say. It is a message from God. They will not realize it but you will. Know it now and prepare for it coming, so that your heart and soul will be open for this wonderful thing/person.

Ah, shells on the beach and other finds. You will find a special little trinket soon. This one is from us. Keep it close in the coming days and it will bring you our love. It will be infused with our energy.

Now- now is the time to jump. Go. Move. Do not hesitate. You know the way you are supposed to go, so go. For you this one part is for you. YOU know that it is so do not question it or wonder. GO! Quickly, you must go now. You are questioning, know this is for you. 

The Angels


Readers, I may not know you each individually but God and His holy angels do. They take this time, this forum to reach out and speak to you. Do not be dismayed if they do not use names. Trust when you feel your heartstrings pull that piece or part of the message was/is meant for you.

Always for you and always with love,


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