Pulled and Pushed

I just finished a large project. And now that it is done and over with I wonder why did God send me to do that and what exactly did I accomplish? The answers elude me and yet I know that I was, not only, directed to this project but when I felt that it was going nowhere I was told to stay and see it through. Lucky for me there was an end date and goal in sight from the beginning. However, frequently when we are asked to do something there is neither. I found this to be no less a test of faith to stay with something that didn’t feel right or worthwhile then if I had no end in sight. So, how do we know, how can we be sure we are being led?

Dear ones we know it is difficult to discern and be clear. We know you often struggle to see where you are to go and what you are to do~ this is true in large matters and in small matters. So how can you be sure you are being nudged~ drawn~ called~ carried? Pray and ask for discernment. Then be open to the guiding that comes. Look for confirmation~ you will see it, you will hear it. Do not be discouraged or dissuaded from your knowing. Sometimes you will stand alone~ stand apart from others~ that is okay. You don’t knead approval in order to rise. Take the ingredients you are given and make your own type of bread. There are many ways to make bread, so look at what you have been given and use those things. You will create a nourishing meal.

Angel Signature

Sometimes we do not know or understand why we are being asked to do something. The true reason may not come to light for a long time, if at all. Yet trust when and where you are being led. And know that you already have everything that you need to begin. Anything else will be added as needed.

May you have trust for your journey.




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