In God’s Grip

God seized me today; he literally got a hold of me. It is a strange feeling to be in two worlds/realms at the same time. Yet, it happens and when it does there is no mistaking it. Everything takes on a surreal quality, yet at the same time everything is the same. It is especially interesting when it happens while driving. Hey, I was driving under the influence of God. So, would that be a DUI?

I can see it now:

You see officer God squeezed me tight like a boa constrictor and moved my spine just as the light changed. That’s why I hesitated before entering the intersection. Yes, officer, it was difficult to breathe. No, officer, it was not difficult to drive. You see, officer, it is because of the duality of realms; my body was in the hands of God and also driving the car. Yes, sir, I will ask God to refrain from doing such things in the future but I really have no control over the workings of God. 

I am sure that would not be a good scenario. Fortunately, my driving ability was not impaired and I proceeded to drive normally while feeling anything but normal. And what God did in those few minutes was amazing.

It is often that way when one finds themselves literally gripped by the power of God; in all of his many ways.

Dear Angels please give me words to help explain what happened:

Oh Dear one you explained it well. Yet, it is difficult to find words that fit and tell all that one experiences. God works his miracles every day in so many ways. And as you experienced it doesn’t need to take long or be majorly dramatic. God works in small, tiny ways and yet if you, if you all, are open and aware of them then you will know and feel them.

Be gentle, rest, treat yourself and others well. Do not worry or be concerned thinking that nothing like this has happened to you. Oh, but it has~ not everyone is as keenly aware or as open. God respects who you are and what you can handle. Know miracles are real and they are happening around you. Simple truths, simple ways; simply know~ and know love, show love, be love.

Yes, there is evil and it binds you with fear. Drown fear with a flood; a flood of love. Angel writing…

 Angel Signature

It is very disconcerting to find yourself in the grips of Gods mighty power. It humbles you to know that God would want to touch you and that when he does he is in control. Yet, it is also so reassuring to know that God cares and loves us enough to want to take away some of our pain, comfort us in our sorrows and laugh with us in our joys. I pray that you find yourself in the grip of God soon.



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