Mother Nature

Again and again and again…

We have watched as Mother Nature has wrought so much destruction. And for many of you (us, we, etc.) it has hit very close to home and heart of our loved ones. Some would claim that these events are evidence that God wants to punish us for being “bad” but God doesn’t work that way.

I was reading in the book of Kings this morning about the great temple that was built for King Solomon. God had directed every detail and nothing was spared in the building. But where is that temple today… GONE!

As I watched the images of so much destruction my heart was pained for those who have lost so much. Some are still missing and we pray for their safety and survival. We pray for the ones that who do the work of search and rescue. We pray for the ones who heal the wounded. And on and on we pray. This is one of those situations (again) that is too big for our human hands and hearts. So, what else are we to do? We can pray. Prayer unleashes the power of God for all of this.

I have to share with you how when I was watching the news of all the destruction and devastation it made me think about what is most precious to me; in my life and my home. Of course, I immediately thought of my husband and my animals, but then after them, my next thought was for the Angel Art. So, in light of that thought I started to pray to find homes for all of the art. They were not and will not be produced for me; they are for YOU.

Please contact me to find out how you can get a Whisper of Angels Angelic Writing in Art form. They need good homes. They are very powerful and are infused with Angelic Energy.

May you all be safely kept in our Heavenly Father’s arms; they will shelter you during all of life’s storms.



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