Ramblings on a Hot Day!

It is interesting the things that come to us, to show us and reaffirm for us that we are indeed on the right path. A resource, a bit of knowledge, a person crosses our path to give us something that we need; something we have been searching for. Sometimes these things come and we are not sure why until a bit of time passes and then it is revealed for what it really is.

It is a HOT day today. I could sit inside with the AC but I want to be close to nature. So, I’m sitting out on my screened in porch with the ceiling fan running; but it is only producing a bit of air.

I started to do some artwork but I was not pleased with the results so I am taking a break. Maybe the green will look better when it is dry. The blue looks okay, it has a feel of denim but that may be a bit casual for the Blessing Box that it covers. Yet maybe not; I have performed many informal wedding ceremonies.

I suppose I should tell you what a Blessing Box is; it is a small oval box that I paint/decorate, then present to each couple that I marry as their first gift. They are a small token that come with a lot of heart. I have given the boxes to others but they are my trademark of the weddings I officiate. Each box has a little poem inside, that expounds and explains in poetic form what a Blessing Box is. Over the years the boxes have become simpler and less ornate but the little poem has not changed nor the love with which I give them.

Sorry I got distracted. I did more painting, then some spirit work, then a short nap… I’m back now but rather than try to pick up on my derailed train of thought, I will let the angels speak:

Dear ones we are the light ones- we are neither male nor female as you know these words. Yet, we do have different energetic frequencies. Today- these ones are feminine energy. Flowing in a light, gentle motion. Coming in soft and caring ways. Wanting to gently soothe and rock all your cares and troubles away. Singing soft lullabies with the wind in your ears. Oh dear precious ones~ Ones who have suffered and been denied joy~ Now is your time to be comforted and lulled into a safe sleep where you can slumber and dream wonderful, glorious things. Feel our soft touch upon your scorched life. We bring rain to your parched, thirsty soul. Soft, gentle sustaining rain. Ah, soft falling rain bringing you life; giving water to buoy you up upon the seas where you can float safe, safe, safe.

We bring you fragrance; soft scents like soft flowers that lingers for days. ~Know we are near~ so close, so close, so close. breathe in deep to pull in our beauty and have your soul restored. Ah the feel of our love upon your soul; a bountiful feast. Be, come, there be there. In the gentle care of the angels cleansing you down deep.

Healing, healing of the very deep wounds~ oh such healing~ oh such love.

The Angels

The writing today was very soft and flowing. It looks beautiful on the page. Not at all like my handwriting from earlier; so messy I could barely read my own writing. It looked that way because my hand was hurting. However, my hand didn’t hurt while the angels were helping me write for you. I know my top ramblings and their love filled note don’t match but I decided to leave them together. My ways are not their ways. My mind was on other things, even after a short nap. They lead me and direct me in this work. I am a humble servant to bring it to you.



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