No more metaphors

I did a reading for someone today. It was long and elaborate and several different angels took turns speaking to her. There was also a section with Angelic writing (writing in their language.)  So, while I was sitting there with my notebook open I thought I would ask the angels to speak to you.

Dear ones you are all further ahead then you think/feel you are. Stop berating yourselves and start enjoying all the blessings in your life. Life is not a game or a challenge or a test. Stop leading your life by metaphors. Let it be a flowing~ a blessing full of love.

Today you are given a day off from worry and woes. Today~ you can just enjoy it for all that it is.

Don’t try to find what is missing nor feel you must fill in the blanks. Just notice and appreciate all that is there.

Yes~ Dear ones~ short and sweet. Take it light and easy friends~ Dear ones.

Love and Light,

The Angels

I would love for you to linger here and read more of these wonderful readings. But please go, enjoy, rest or whatever else your heart leads you to. Yet, please come back when you have time to stay. The angels have other wonderful messages for you.



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