Small and Large Ways

Angelic Message:

Dear one, dearest little loves we come to you in small ways and in large ways too. Like a soft misty dew we cover you in the morning and glisten upon your life. Yes, Yes, Yes we do. Yet, you are troubled by the news of such terrible acts of violence. Of things that make no sense and there is seeming no way to puzzle them out. Be assured we know these things and understand and sympathize with your feelings. Your human mind is not meant to comprehend these things. Were this the way things were supposed to be? Nay or you would not be troubled so, for they would not even exist. Yet because of this off focus there are these things that happen every day. Such horrible tragedies. Such senseless acts. Those who do them are full of fear and they put more fear into the world and provoke confusion. Therefore, you must turn to and rely on the truth of God’s word and never-changing, never-ending, abiding love and protection for you.

Dearest brothers and sisters there may be no physical protection/barrier in this realm/world yet there was/is a spiritual one. The one who reaches to you and through you to offer pure love. Please be open to receive it. Please be open to give it. Keep your hearts/souls open to this life-giving, life-sustaining love. Be in love~live in love~feel love all around you.

Do not be tempted to be afraid. In all ways and means you can live in the realm of love. This is much simpler then you realize. We wish to assist you. Just ask and you will receive.

Angel Signature

We can live in the realm of love! It may not be easy but it is possible with God and the Holy Angels. Let’s go!



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