Earthly Walk

This post really should have gone up yesterday, because that is when it happened. Now today, because of the date I hesitate to post it. But I can hear the angels reminding me to do it. It is not about what everyone else is doing or thinking. What is important is the lessons learned and the message heard.

This was a two-part process. I had just finished doing a long reading for a dear friend, she told me that an angel, one that had been visiting her but not speaking to her, wanted to speak to me. However, when the angel first came to me she only giggled. She flitted and flashed by streaming her long red hair behind her or she was just a flash of white light. Her laughter was infectious and made me giggle too. So it was an honor and pleasure to sit and do a reading for my friend, knowing this angel would show up with lots giggles. I am happy to report that she did not disappoint me. Plus, she brought friends.

Then I felt compelled to get a couple more sheets of paper for another reading. I was not sure if it was just for me or to share with my readers. It became clear it was both. Therefore, I am humbled and overjoyed to share it with you.

Part I: The Angels Speak:

There is something to be said for fine paper and a nice pen. There is something to be said for those who are led and then follow. There is something to be said for those who can turn off the noises of the world and attune to the heavenly realms. So why would you doubt anything we say or the imperative to do it! We do and don’t understand about jobs and other ridiculous things you do or feel you must do in this life. Fine finish it- give whatever you feel you must give but it is time for you to go into full-time ministry. We can and will strip you of all else if  you do not move at this time. We can give you only a small window. Do not fret or worry where the money will come from. There are those who know of you- they will contact you soon and we are sending out earthly invitations. Those who seek will very soon find you. You must be ready and open for when they come. No more entanglements on your time. Only this- only this. Why let fear have a place with you . Have we not shown you that we only take you where you need to go and we only equip you through God to do this work. Now is the time to trust it. Now, now is. Now go for an earthly walk.

They told me to go for a walk and I hesitated. I finally left and went down to the beach. There was only one other lone walker strolling up the beach toward me. I quickly started walking in front of them. I felt hurried as I kept a fast pace to stay in front of them. Needless to say this was no way to enjoy a walk on the beach. They finally told me to let them pass and turn around so that I would then be behind them. This allowed me to slow down. However, even at my fast clip I found treasures. My definition of treasures are round smooth stones, feathers and pieces of drift wood with faces. After I got back home they told me to write down what I learned.

Part II: Learning:

  • Go when told- do not wait or hesitate, yet go
  • Be willing to be lead- your path will be directed
  • Watch the path- there are treasures along the way, yet also dangers you want to avoid
  • Feed the Dragon- you can give up/ give away something precious and still come home rich
  • If you go when you are called you will not feel rushed- yet that too is just an illusion of your fearful mind; allow it to pass and get some distance
  • Slow down- be mindful; what you need will be given to you, so you may bless others abundantly
  • Trust what you see, hear, find; some treasure may appear bruised and battered yet it has weathered the storm and it may be more than it appears
  • Leave when you are told- leaving and letting go are important parts of the journey
  • When the physical body feels vulnerable lean on the wisdom of the spiritual body

Part III: The Angels Step Back In:

These are important truths for you right now. You are ready for this and ordained for such. You must trust this path and leave it open for the work you are called to do. Many, many blessings are coming your way from sources you have or know. They are rushing in to assist you.

Angelic language and Signature

As I have been typing this up, it feels strange to put a reading here that seems very much directed to me. However, they want me to share this. I feel this is because this is a very public place to put this and will make me accountable to what they are asking me to do. Plus, these lessons learned are meant to be shared.  So, I humbly put this directive from the angels before you and I share with you the truths that were revealed on an earth walk.


Angel Scribe


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