Over and Underwhelmed

Dear Angels,

If I am feeling lost; others must be too. I have been feeling both overwhelmed and underwhelmed all week. Spark me dear angels. Spark me!

Why do you resist and fight so the dance you are to be dancing. The play you are supposed to be playing; looking for other roles. You know who you are and what you are to be about. So be about it. Gather up your dusty ways and your cobwebs~ clear your head and let go. You are letting fear rule you again. Sit in love. Know love. There is only one way for you to know all you need to know and that is in living. You can’t learn behind closed doors. Go out and engage. Go out and give at every opportunity; give. You have a gift, know you have gifts and they are not going to run out. So if someone says no or turns you down there is another to give it to. And if they come back later asking for their blessing you can give them double; letting them know that they may have passed on that blessing to someone else therefore interest and dividends have been paid so today they get MORE. So much more. We so fear that we will miss something or take wrong turns. All things work together for good.

The universe is working overtime in your favor. Yes, it is! This may seem hard to believe yet it is true and truth will always triumph and trump all else. Hold fast but do not hold on, let go of all expectations and planning and allow life to unfold. Yes, so much of this you have heard before yet you didn’t make it your own truth. Claim the words, the feeling, the joy of these things for yourself.

Yes, you are here at this moment to be in joy. Explode with it. Let it cover everything in your life.


Angel Signature

The truth really does hurt sometimes. It is painful to be reminded, again, that we are were we are supposed to be and that we are to be OUT there living life. So, with that in mind I am going to let go of all of these little things that have me all worried and wondering. Instead I will focus on the opportunities to be a blessing.

I did some Angel Artwork today; why I resisted is beyond me. They are always so beautiful and full of angelic energy. Each one is unique; plus they are both timely and timeless messages. I need to figure out a way to share them more. Got any ideas?



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