Open and Honest

Tell me why it is that if you are open and honest it is treated like a crime. Well, I’m not backing down or settling for anything less than being myself ever again. And I hope you won’t either. I am out there; open and honest. I am called to do this work and spread the love of God with his holy angels. So help me dear angels to stay focused on your work.

Dear one. Dear, dear, dear ones we come to you. We stand by you. We open our arms to you. We draw you in and send you out. We send you out armed and equipped for all that you need. There are so many varied and diverse things we ask you to do therefore we must minister to you differently and uniquely. For one, for one, for one, each one specially cared for and protected and prepared for flight and then one day pushed from the nest to hope, no nay to know to fly. For not only were you prepared, you are made for this and ordained for this. All you do is perfect for YOU and only you can accomplish the things set for you. You are a wonder and are wonderfully and powerfully made. We stand in awe and amazement.

Now, for one a torch is lit. Yes like a passing on of something to something; like a teaching or a tradition. And this torch not only sparks and fires something new it also lights the way with a great sweeping light that dispels the darkness and shows the way. Yes, yes, yes, you know this!

To another- oh the smell is so strong of the foul thing you need to be rid of. You know it needs to go. A little thing it started out to be has now taken over and you need to put it away from you, now, stop! There is not other way. Just stop.

There is another one. For you we see Jade, lovely smooth jade. A jewel to behold and catch your eye. It is not just beautiful but also a needed stone; to protect you, to strengthen you and to purify you. You have a lovely piece of jade coming to you. It will be a lovely coral color; yet light, shinning light~ almost yellow. Do not be concerned with where or when. You will receive it soon. Wait for it. Don’t feel you must find it.

And one more, one more. You came here how, what? On a dare or a skeptic you may be. This can’t be real, no way. You were just going to take a peek. What harm? This is true, this is love. No, this is not a religion. No, there is no harm coming to you. Yes, we really are angels. Angels who bring you love. We are both male and female energy. We are ageless. We are always here. Always ready. Standing by to assist you. Yes, she really hears us. Yes she has seen us. You are here today to receive this message from us to you. That you are loved.

Angel language and Signature

It is always so interesting when they place personal messages in the message that is universal and written for anyone and everyone. I always wonder when the person will show up who is supposed to receive their message. I wonder are they sent, prompted, pushed or dragged here to find the words that were put here for them. I am so fascinated by how this works and I am always humbled by them using me.

Someone asked me yesterday a few questions about dabbling around with things of the “dark arts.” I told that person that there is no real harm in doing something for fun, yet that all too frequently we do not understand what we are doing or the powers we are working with. And because of that it can be a dangerous thing. I likened it to playing poker with your friends for fun to someone who is addicted to gambling. They both start out the same but it can lead to problems that can quickly get out of hand and have dire consequences, not only for the person who gambles but for their friends and family too.

I realize there are many ways and means out there of doing things. I am not here to judge. I just caution you to know that there are evil spirits that are just waiting for vulnerable persons to allow them to come and “play”, it is imperative that you not open yourself up to these forces.

It is better to stay away and steer clear. We live amongst those and therefore, we must surround ourselves with the powerful protection of the light of love. Let the angels of love come and minister to you. Let the love of God and his holy son;Jesus along with his spirit come and be with you.

Sending you love and light,



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