Today I took the Angel Art to a small craft fair. The weather was horrible but a few people did manage to come out. People stopped and looked, some even asked questions but no sales. That is okay. I know that it takes time for people to understand and allow the gifts from the angels to find a place in their hearts. So, in between talking to people I had a few minutes to do a writing.

Dear ones this is all you need to know and be, here and now, know this; you were made for joy. Live joyously and in joy and all joy. Know it and grow it. Cultivate joy and abundance in your life. Give joy to yourself, let your soul laugh. Soak in it and let your body and spirit absorb it. Know joy, know love. Ah little ones we are here. You may think these words are redundant. Oh yet they must be. They are words that you need to hear and to know. We bring you many words for you to know joy, yet at times we bring you many of the same word. How much joy can you know? How much joy can you understand? How much joy can you have? Define all the ways and means of joy. Describe all the times of joy. And like love, joy can only be multiplied as it is shared. Ah, a simple truth. All good and loving things can only be multiplied. No, never divided. Like you and your need for love. Your capacity for love. Love only grows and can never be depleted. And time does not diminish it nor death end it. Love goes on and on. Dear ones you are living in the days of love and high energy. Please do not be distracted by the heavy cares of the world. Those temporal things will not last. Do not get caught up in the ugliness or the harsh mean ways of the world.


Angel Signature

May you find all the ways and means of exploring joy in your life and finding fun ways to share it with others.



2 thoughts on “Joy

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  2. I couldn’t leave a comment on the other page, so I will leave one here. Thank you for linking to my posts from the angels. I hope you and your followers will come back often and read new messages from above.



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