Lovely Times

Angelic Message:

Oh what lovely times and days and deeds. You are so welcome where you are! Invited to be and welcomed with joy. So come in and get comfortable and feel the wonderous joy of the warmth of welcoming. Angel language…

Dear ones you are speaking in negative tones and we need you to be positive. Say words of encouragement to self, to others, to all. Angel language…

Loves, oh love, loves because this time, this powerful time is flying fast away. And we can not hold time still, yet know an illusion of time and space and yet you must be careful with the spending of your time. Angel language…

I often sit down with intent to listen and scribe for the angels. However, when I do it is easy to get distracted, as we all do in our daily lives. Yet, they bring me back into focus when they write in their language. It is beautiful and speaks directly to the heart. It is a language of love and pure intentions. It is filled with truth and trust. And because it is written in their language my conscious mind can’t get in the way; and I like that.

I have scanned some of the Angel Art and posted some on this blog. I have been told they infuse energy into the paper, this part doesn’t come through the computer (I think). The angels were very adamant about me starting this blog and offering the messages out to a larger span of people then I could reach in my own “backyard”. And trust me when I tell you I meet with more resistance than acceptance. I want to get the beauty and the energy of the messages out to you and to others.

If you have any ideas or feedback please let me know. I am open to suggestions and ideas. If you would like an Angel Art for yourself please let me know. I will find a way to get it to you.


Angel Scribe


One thought on “Lovely Times

  1. Dear readers,

    I did scan some of the Angel Art that I have scribed and have started posting it. It is an amazing art form and an amazing journey. I thank you for your readership and hope that you find blessings here.

    Left-handed scribe


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