Words, Words, Word

Let me share with you where I am right now and where I find myself frequently.

I find myself lost, overwhelmed, confused and not sure about myself or my place in the world. It is uncomfortable and uneasy upon these seas. Yet, my lack of confidence doesn’t daunt my faith nor does it stop the angels from speaking to me. If I were them I would want to take me and shake me until I “got it.” But, fortunately for me, they don’t work like that; they come gently, lovingly to uplift me and remind me who I am and what is most important. They tell me to be happy, to be free, to be love… And this I feel is the message that is universal to us all; that as we struggle with who we are and what we are to be doing they bring us hope, they lift us up and they remind us of love.

Words, words, words. What has the weight and depth and breath as words; what lingers and captures our hearts and minds and gives so much. They carry so much energy, so much love. Allow the words to come and linger. Simple words of love.

We send words out over time and space. Words that can span time and jump over space. We know the magic of taking the ordinary and making it into something more. Take any moment or any thing and elevate it in importance; one turns into a million. This goes on and on, taken up to a much higher level as it is taken higher and higher and added on to. Or even taken apart and looked at in small parts to come to find that the thing is so important as it/they make up the whole. Angel language…

Now imagine, if you will, taking something nondescript and everyday and putting the energy; the very spirit of God in it~ then what does it become? It can not remain the same.  It must change it’s very structure; it’s make-up and ways. And yet, it can still look the same and function the same yet be profoundly changed. Would all know and recognize such things~ appreciate the change or wish it remain the same. And because it has been touched and changed it is not, nor will it be the same. Yet, it may not know. Can one ask to know, to see, to feel? Of course if one would only know to ask, to see, to feel. This is how many small miracles happen every day and we let them slip away~ become lost in a sea of ordinary everyday. Sleep walk no more. Open your eyes to really know these small and wonderous happenings. Angel language.

Angel Signature

I may be feeling lost and confused but I am sure about the love from God and his holy angels. And for that I am thankful; so very thankful. I want to open my eyes and see the miracles happening around me everyday; in so many small ways. Give us your eyes to see with Lord. May we see through a lense of love.


Angel Scribe


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