A Double Dose

I didn’t have seconds tonight for dinner. Which if you know me and spaghetti you would be surprised. It just so happens to be my favorite and always has been. Growing up I would spend the night at my grandmother’s and she would make whatever I wanted for dinner; and I always asked her to make spaghetti. So, it is rare that I do not have a second helping. Yet, tonight as I struggle with a project I am working on, I feel compelled to stay here with the angels and offer to you seconds.

Dear ones there are so many good things in life that it is hard to choose and even harder to stop. You are given so much and yet you want more. This is a time for you to savor and relish what you have. Take some time to step back and examine see all that you have. So many times you rush to the next thing. The next bite. The excitement, the thrill. Yet, often what you need to do is let the wonder linger for a bit and sit upon your tongue as you examine each spark, each morsel, each layer of the tastes. Oh, the food, the manna from heaven that falls upon your life. Would you really know it? Have you slowed down long enough to see it, to feel it, to experience it? Be still and know…

And once still and experiencing your life in this new and wonderful expanded format, breathe! Allow the breath of God to enter your being and commune with you. Allow each moment to stand on its own. Each spark, each morsel, each layer unfold. Ah!

Oh dear ones we rejoice in your exploration of this time and this place. We come to join you in your joy. We are ever near you and with you.

Angel Signature

This one was typed as I heard it. I usually sit down with a piece of paper and a pen to write these messages out. Yet, tonight as I was reading through randomly and being uplifted again by the words I thought I would stay here for a little while longer. Wonderful procrastination! It is always a joy to spend time with the angels and with you dear readers.



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