Spiritual Beings

My question:

If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, why is it so difficult to feel spiritual? Why must we work at it?

I hear laughter, joyous laughter, roareous laughter. I hear laughter because I have used the word work again. As though the spiritual realm was difficult to get to. And yet it seems that it is.

No dear ones, it is  not difficult to get there because it is not a there, it is a here and hear. To be here right now with us open and ready to receive and also be of service this is it. And to further add to it, the importance, for you, to hear, to stop, to sit, to wait, to listen and to write. To fulfill your place as a scribe. To scribble our messages, to see, to know that there are no mistakes in what you encounter when you are in tune and tuned to the right frequencies.

Angelic language…

Dear one you are called not above or apart but to BE. To be who you were put here to BE. The things you were put here to do. Some do have questions as to what it is but you know and you need to stay in alignment with it. To write in the languages of the people, the angels and to create it so they will be drawn to it. Like a giant magnet to point them where they need to go. They will be drawn, they will not be able to help themselves nor offer an explaination. So allow it. Allow them into your life.

More Angelic language…

Angel Signature

This reading seemed to be for me. Yet, the more I try to hide or keep private the things that I think are just for me the more they say to put them out there. So, I hope that you will find something here that speaks to you. And if you want more or have questions please let me know so I can write messages for you.

May you have a lovely day,



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