Holy Days

Thank you so much for a time to be with you, my readers and a time to commune with the angels. This is a such an important time of year when we celebrate the turning of time and the remembrance of the coming of the Lord. To each and everyone may your holy days be filled with love, fellowship and angels.

Just a short note dear ones to let you know that we are with you at this time. It is a difficult time for many. It is a time of many tears for many. It is a time of feeling apart and alone. Many think that all have so many friends and family to be with, yet the truth is that many, even in the midst of a crowd feel so very alone. We are with you at those times, comforting your heart and soul. We wish for you to feel the warmth that we bring you. The warmth to warm your heart and spark your soul alive. Please do not despair. We are hear, we are here, we are near. Dear, dear, dear ones your little ones of heart and soul. Feel us lightly coming into your life. Coming as light as feathers and as soft as a breath.

Ah, dear ones who wonder and wait. We do attend to the littlest ones and the ones who have no voice. We attend to the animals and the sea creatures too. We reach out to all and speak the language of the heart to all. You know this and feel this. You are the most stubborn of all creation. Yet, you are also the most treasured. You and only you can think and feel and know. You can create and form. You are so wonderful. You too can reach out and touch into the hearts and souls of others. You must be mindful of the power you possess to do this. And be ever watchful that you are only producing love. For yourself, to yourself and to others; all others.

You were made for such as this. Reflect upon the miracles of the way you were created and the marvelous works that you are and that are in the universe.

Be in awe. Be in the moment of the wonder. And in the moment allow God to find you and know you. Be known. Be loved and love toward all.

Angel Signature

Once again what a powerful and loving message from the angels.



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