Using Everything

Trying to learn the ins and outs of so many things. It seems that the more I learn the less that I know. However, I do know this. God still uses the simple to confound the wise. He still speaks to us in soft whispers and hushed tones. If we would be still we would hear them. Dear God and your angels speak to me- speak to us.

Dear ones you are living in a very fast paced world. Yet, for us we move even faster and swifter to come to you and be with you. You can not put out more technology that we can not manipulate and use to our advantage. Even if you can not figure it all out and how it works we can and we will use it to speak to you and more. So, continue in all of your ways. Nothing you can do will separate us from you in any way or ways.

We also use many simple things to speak to you in your everyday life. Tiny things that you may not even notice. And ordinary objects that seem so mundane. Oh but we want to reach out and speak to you, to touch you. So we use whatever and whomever we can to get to you.

Now, now do not doubt the messages that we bring. You are shaking your head and saying this is so silly that the angels would use blogs and technology to speak. Oh but of course we would. You live in these modern times so we must also be in this modern ways. And as you know we use the scribe to bring these things to you.

Know, know so many things to be true and real around you. This one has spent too much time being around and with the artifical and needs to be near and around those things that are real. Real food, real books, real feel and real people. You can not continue on in this plastic world. Please spend some time with things that have substance  and will sustain you at this time in your life. It is not healthy for you to continue on this ways.

One more. Oh yes you we do speak to you and to you we say that you are where you are supposed to be and you do not need to thank us but be thankful for where this time has led you and will lead you to more. You are going to be there for some time because you are needed there. This is not beneath you but it is not what you thought you would be doing. Look for the learning you are gleaning but more so look for how you can share what you learn. As you humbly accept so much at this time. You need to watch the names you use to put yourself and others down. Stand proud in all that you are. You have many who are watching you right now. They are the ones who will benefit more than you know by your changed heart.

The Angels

Thank you for taking the time to be here with me and the angels. It is always interesting to bring messages to certain ones. Please know that if they seem like they are speaking to you that they are for you. They know your heart.

To you and yours have a blessed day.


Angel Scribe


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