Don’t Hold Back

I just finished a big task. Well, it was supposed to be finished in December and look it is half way through February. On the one hand it is done and on the other hand it was a 2011 project. I can offer the excuse that my printer died and my computer got messed up. But that is not the real reason I didn’t get this done. The real reason was fear. I have had quiet a few epiphanies lately about fear and my feelings that I don’t deserve the blessings in my life or to have my dreams to come true. Why do we do this to ourselves? I can’t really answer that one. I will let the angels do it for me.

Dear ones you hold back where and when you feel afraid. This is not uncommon. This is a common thread that we know you have. We see this all the time. And yet we also know that you know that perfect love casts out all fears. So, there is a simple solution to your problem. Yet, simple is never easy for you. It is very hard to let go of those fears that hold you in their grip. They, the fears, actually look safe to you. But that is just an illusion. It is much safer to jump out into the unknown then to hang back on the shore for fear of sinking. You were made to walk on water. You were made to fly. You were made to fill this world with all of your glorious ways and means with love.

Yes, yes, yes. We feel you shaking your head or further shaking like a leaf in fear. Oh dear ones. This is how you know it is important and what is important is all the more in need of you and your love. Remember no one else can do what you have been called to do in the world. So, with that assurance you can step out into who you are supposed to be. If you are called to dance you must dance with all of your heart and soul. No matter how many people think you can’t dance. Their opinion pales in comparison to the assurance of your gift from God. So, you must find it in your heart and know it in your soul that you are doing and being exactly the person God designed you to be.

Your Fears are illusions upon the stage. The one who believes them can not see the miracles awaiting them. You can dispel such myths and bravely step out and once you do you will see the real show has begun and it is filled with love.

The Angels

May we each find the courage to step up and out in love.


Angel Scribe


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