Is it me?

I am sure you have asked yourself this same question; “Is it me?” When someone attacks you for no apparent reason. I’m sure you find yourself confused and confounded and wanting to know what you did to cause such opposition. I have had this happen in the past but here recently it is coming at me hard and strong. It is not by the same person or in the same situation but it is there. It makes me wonder if it is personal or just a fluke.

Dear ones, you are not alone in your wondering about these things. Yes, sometimes it is just a fluke and you are caught in the crossfire of a spiritual war. At other times you are the target of testing and revealing. At other times it really is personal. How do you discern and how do you combat it? First for discernment; just ask. Ask the holy spirit to lead you to know, to see the real reason behind the attack. Ask him to name it and let you know where it is coming from. Next you need to ask for assistance in combating any real or perceived attack. This help comes in the form of spiritual awareness, spiritual battle, and wisdome. You will not need to discern beyond what you are told. However, with this and with all things you must not allow it to sway you from your mission or your work. You must carry on with what you have been ordained and asked to do. Let the battle continue to rage around you. Let it be and you remain steadfast in what you know that you are being asked to do. Selah.
Angel Signature

I am not sure if this is what I was hoping for. Of course I wanted to know why and given details. I wanted to feel that the attack was unwarranted and that I would be protected and vindicated. But that is not the way of the angels or of the holy spirit. So, what I must do, what you must do is TRUST what they tell and reveal to us and know that we are under the protection of the holy spirit.



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