Too much and too little

I really don’t like to complain but I find myself doing it frequently. It sounds like an ordinary conversation but afterward I realize that I came across like I was complaining and bemoaning how bad my life is. However, on the contrary my life is wonderful. I love my life. I have a lovely home, productive work, a great relationship with my husband and my kids. So, really there is nothing to complain about. So, why does so much of my verbal communication sound negative and why does it feel like I am struggling in my life? I have a feeling I am not the only one. So, I ask the angels to assist us in uncovering why we feel such duality between what we know and what we feel.

Dear ones we wish to come to you and offer you a soft breeze to gently blow in your life and lift all of your burdens. Yet, with these burdens come the realization that life is a bumpy ride of ups and downs. There will never be 100% smooth sailing. This is not the way of things. Yet, with the down comes the ups and with the downs come the looking around for blessings. You search for them more diligently when things are not perfect. You crave them and you hunt for them. You cast your net out wide hoping to catch much blessings. And in casting wide and casting often you reel in many things. Those things are looked at, combed over carefully and what others may pass up as not worthy of keeping become treasures to hold and to marvel over. Keep casting your nets out and bringing them back. Do not tire of the times you throw out and bring back. For each time it is another opportunity to find more, to see some small wonder you didn’t see before.

Angel Signature

A short message but one filled with colorful language that paints a vivid picture. Happy casting my friends. I think I will go to the beach and throw a net out.



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