Getting More

Oh how we all want more. However, sometimes what we really want is less. I know many of the things I have wanted lately are less of. I want less pain. I want less cold. I want less of a cold. I want less mean and nasty people. I want less bad food.

No wait, I can see that in wanting less I am blocking MORE. Because I don’t really want those things at all.

I want my body to feel more pleasure. I want to feel more warmth. I want to be able to breathe more, and better. I want more nice people. And I so want more good food. Yeah, I really did title this right. I want to be getting MORE. I realized in typing this that I am not a selfish person. On the contrary as I ask for MORE of what I really want that I am increasing the good and as anything good increases it gets bigger and better.

Yes, I want to get more…And not just for me but for you. I want you to have more too. More of everything that your heart desires. What does your heart desire? Tell me please. Tell me so that I can focus on what you want too. We can all increase and get bigger and better.

Oh dear sweat angels. Speak to us about more:

Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. We always want for you to have more. More love. More laughter. More bright and shinny days. We want to give you blessings and lift you up. We want your life to be supreme. Oh dear ones. Did you not see it today? We brought you more. We bring you more. More. More. More. And you can ask for more. Please just ask. More will be given.

The Angels

Short and sweet again. Thank you dear, sweet angels and praise be to God. God and the holy angels want to give us more. What a wonderful message.


Angel Scribe


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