What Do You Want?

The angels keep asking me that question. And today the only answer I have for them is: “I don’t know.” Of course they are not satisfied with that answer. And they are even more frustrated with me when I ask them what they want. Why is answering that question so difficult. Don’t we all know what we want? We have been making wish lists, birthday lists, shopping lists and bucket lists our entire lives. So, why can’t I formulate a good answer to a simple question. Because today I really don’t know what I want. I thought I did when I got up and started laundry and had every good intention of going to my writers group… But that started over 30 minutes ago and I haven’t left the house for the 30 minute drive to the place where we meet. So, why all of the uncertainty and procrastination? Hmm…but really today, at this moment, I really am lost with a lack of motivation or direction. I’m sure you have felt the same. So, how do we know the way to go and to gain a new and better foothold on what we are meant to be doing? Dear angels assist us please.

Dear ones. What is holding your back may just be a place that you need to be instead. With your intentions to go and to do you may be heading to the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead we want you to see that you need to be where you are. Where are you? This is the place where you are most needed. If it were not you would be somewhere else right now. You would have felt released to go, to move on, to be somewhere but you are HERE so this moment is to be in this place and enjoy it and appreciate it for all that it is. For you are needed where you are. Even if you are all alone at this moment there is a reason for the spot where you find yourself. Look around and notice the details of your life at this moment. Is it quiet or noisy, is it a indoor or outdoor place, are you with others or alone? All the details are important at this moment. Do not concern yourself with the opinion of others. Just you and this moment is your place at this time. See, really see where you are and what is around you. Look closely there are things here that will tell you everything you need to know to move forward and increase your production. Tools are at hand that can advance you. People are there to encourage and protect you in your dreams. So, grab the things you see and use them. Use them well. There are many things within your reach. Right there for you to use and utilize. Where is it you need to be but right here at this moment~ bathing and basking in our love. Know the angels love you. Know that they are here for you . This is not a trick or a deception. This is real. The love and care of the angels is around you. Feel the love around you. You can reach out in love.

Love, love, love

The Angels

There is no need to worry about what I want if everything is already here. Maybe that is why I have not been able to formulate an answer, because one was not required. I only have to look around and use the resources at hand. Wherever you may be today, may you find all you need, fore God and the holy angels have already supplied everything for you.



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