Sometimes it is good to not have everything planned; to just go with the flow.

Today, I had a plan for my day, but when it got derailed I decided to go without one and see where the day lead me. It lead me to some fun time and fun finds. Additionally, it lead me to some quality time with people I care deeply about. It makes me wish that every day could be that way; unplanned, uncharted and unexpected blessings around every corner. Wait… What am I saying? Each day is that way because even with our best made plans, we can never know what unexpected events will happen. Therefore, all we can do is be open to what wonders each day brings.

Yes, dear ones this day is an open vessel ready to give and ready to receive. Each of you can be the same. And by doing so bless others along the way. You can reach out to others in infinite ways of love. You can extend yourself out. Oh you can. You so truly can. Sometimes the way to give is the receive. To take from someone with grace and ease. You can graciously be blessed and owe nothing in return. Being open is a stream. A flowing stream. A stream of going and coming and all in between. These are the days of blessings untold as you watch the world unfold.

Do not be concerned that you don’t understand or see all of the blessings surrounding you. There is no need to see and to know. But rather to be open. To walk unencumbered by need and fears of the uncertain or the negative energies. Surround yourself with light and love. This will protect and encase you. This will allow you to move and function in the realm of love.

Dear, dear, dear ones we are with you each step of the way. You do not travel alone. For all of the things that you think that you need ask for what we have to give you. Ask. Ask. Ask. Simple and simply we give you what you need. Right now. Right here. One, two, three. Simple. Easy.

Oh Oh dear one. Little lost lamb one. You are not so far out on a limb that we can not reach you. You are well within the grasp of our care. Stay right where you are. We are here. We are there. We are bringing you back to where you need to be. So, scared so scarred but healing is coming for you. When you see it and feel it don’t be afraid. We are bringing the light to you.

Angelic Signature

It sounds so easy and yet it can seem so difficult to be open to give and to receive. Yet, we can set our spirit on autopilot and go about our day knowing that we will be blessed and be a blessing if we just remain brave. I’m ready to go out into today; this beautiful day and see what comes my way. Happy Day, oh happy day!



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